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We’re cooking up something special for you! Our Tiki Bar is open daily while Rising Tide Seafood Company prepares for its opening. Dive into our tiki bar for some oceanfront sips!

On-Site Dining

Experience the casual charm of dining at Crystal Coast Oceanfront Hotel, where delicious meals meet stunning views. Enjoy beachside dining at Rising Tide Seafood Company, unwind with handcrafted cocktails at the laid-back Turtle Bar & Lounge, or enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Tiki Bar!

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Rising Tide Seafood Company

Coming Soon!  Rising Tide Seafood Company invites you to savor delightful meals within a vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy beachside dining, entertain your little ones in our dedicated play area, and unwind at our lively tiki bar. Stay tuned for an unforgettable experience that blends exceptional cuisine, breathtaking views, and a relaxed ambiance.

a single dining table with four wooden chairs, dining utensils and empty water glasses sit on the white table. behind the table is a large glass window with a beautiful blue ocean even further back.
an open spacious room with clustered circles of wooden chairs with navy blue cushions brightly lit by a glass windowed wall with an ocean view, in the background there is a bar with two large TVs over it
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Turtle Bar & Lounge

Unwind with a refreshing coastal cocktail or ice-cold beer at the Turtle Bar, where laid-back vibes and friendly chatter flow freely. Strike up conversations with fellow travelers, swap stories of coastal adventures, or catch up on the game while soaking in the relaxed environment.

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Seasonal Tiki Bar

Experience the ultimate summer retreat at our seasonal Tiki Bar, an outdoor oasis nestled next to the pool with breathtaking ocean views. Open daily from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend, join us for a taste of paradise seven days a week.

a white painted wooden shelter with open walls, hanging LED lights, navy blue barstools, and a variety of liquor options stands at an angle near a pool with the ocean in the background
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